Rope Coach was born out of love for the game.


"We’re not teaching hitters to crush the ball—we’re teaching them to work on basic technique, resulting in a truer, more efficient swing."

- Billy Johnson, Founder


Rope Coach teaches kids and adults to swing better by training with a safe and easy to use product made from high-quality materials. Our hope is that we can contribute to athletes’ future success.


Meet the Founder

Billy and Haley Johnson

Billy Johnson dreamed up the idea for Rope Coach during his daughter Haley's time playing gold-level fastpitch softball. At this level, pitchers put a spin on the ball, moving it around in the zone. Billy saw the need for a hitting device that would help Haley practice swinging efficiently and understand how to hit the ball without chasing after bad pitches.  From this, Rope Coach was born. Rope Coach provided instant feedback. Haley's batting average increased drastically and she began to hit powerful line drives. 

After Haley's success, Billy started using Rope Coach to improve the swings of baseball and softball players of all ages and abilities. He also began making the hitting device for coaches. Their players learned to swing level and hit line drives, ultimately increasing their batting averages.

Rope Coach is a modern-day version of the tee. Unlike the tee, Rope Coach allows batters to practice hitting the ball in all areas of the zone.

After seeing such success in batters of all ages, Bill realized he needed to make Rope Coach available to players everywhere. The hitting device is easy and fun to use. Its modern design allows batters to practice quality swinging, while providing instant feedback—without wasting time shagging balls. With Rope Coach, batters build technique, resulting in powerful line drives and increased batting averages. Rope Coach Makes Batters Better.