Rope Coach: Baseball

Rope Coach: Baseball


So long are the days of choppy grounders and fly balls that seem to hang in the air forever. Rope Coach trains batters to hit the ball’s sweet spot and drive it past the infield. This batting training device teaches basic technique, resulting in a truer, more efficient swing. Because of this, Rope Coach has a proven track record of drastically increasing batting averages. 

Rope Coach is an easy-to-use piece of training equipment that makes batters better. The quick, one-minute setup makes Rope Coach great for everything from away game warm-ups to indoor, off-season conditioning. Attach either end of the device to a fence to concentrate on perfecting your level swing alone, or grab a teammate for intensive two-person training. 

  • Handmade in Dallas, Texas

  • Four 10" in circumference balls for continuous training without shagging balls
  • Sturdy handle for multi-person use with carabiner for secure fence attachment
  • Additional carabiner on handle for individual use
  • Handsewn bar tack with heavy-duty nylon thread and fully braided rope
  • Heat shrink covering with adhesive for virtually indestructible binding
  • Clean, modern look
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